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Athens, Greece: Immigrants have been violently attacked by neo nazis and other extremists January 5, 2010

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Unknown extremists attacked stores owned by Muslim immigrants in Athens. Witnesses say, the attack was made by neo nazis and other local extremists.
According to indymedia-athens, a group of 40 people have gathered around the area of “Neos Cosmos”, a working class suburb, where some council flats have been given to Muslim immigrants. The group carried Molotov cocktails and iron buttons.

An immigrant store owner said some members of the group were dressed in black and they had their face covered with black scarfs. They stole money from his store and stabbed one man who tried to escape. They were speaking in Greek like “Go away because we will kill you, foreigners out” and they thrown petrol bombs and stones. Six immigrants tried to persecute two of the arsonists who finally escaped. The police arrested the immigrants at the end!

A member from the organization “Deport racism” Thanassis Kourkoulas who arrived in the area said those were clear signs that the attack was organized by members of the neonazi party Golden Dawn.

It would be important to mention in most of the working class suburbs in Athens racist gangs with some local support act against immigrants and left wing, anarchists who walk around the streets.



1. Leves D - August 14, 2014

Bullshit, those ‘attacks’ never happened.

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