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Bulgaria PM Rejects Reports of Possible Coalition with Ethnic Turks January 5, 2010

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Bulgaria PM Rejects Reports of Possible Coalition with Ethnic Turks: Bulgaria PM Rejects Reports of Possible Coalition with Ethnic Turks
Bulgaria’s PM, Boyko Borisov (in the background) looks at the DPS leader, Ahmed Dogan (l) and DPS MP, Lyutvi Mestan as they take their seats in the Parliamentary Hall.

The reports that I have visited Ahmed Dogan in his mansion and kissed his hand are unfounded rumors, Bulgaria’s PM, Boyko Borisov, said Saturday.

The Prime Minister spoke in an interview for the TV channel bTV.

Borisov, who is also a general, further denied speculation that he owed his general stars to the leader of the ethnic Turkish party Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS), Ahmed Dogan, pointing out he received his first star from the right-wing, former President, Petar Stoyanov, and the second from current President, Georgi Parvanov, who is from the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP).

Borisov admitted, however, giving Dogan a dog as a gift, but added the dog was from a pure Bulgarian breed, which was a symbolic act, and joked it later ate Dogan’s peacocks.

When asked if it was true he could enter in coalition with DPS, the PM stressed on the fact he is “the first one to not form such coalition while the first former Minister charged by the Prosecution during Borisov’s term is Agriculture Minister, Valeri Tsvetanov, who is a DPS member and the immunity of two DPS Members of the Parliament has been recently stripped.”

“Of course DPS would wish to form a coalition with me. Who would not want to be an ally of my winning Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria (GERB) party?” Borisov said.

The PM further explained that he was not certain his current allies in the Parliament – the conservative “Order, Law and Justice” (RZS) party and its leader Yane Yanev, the far-right, nationalist “Ataka” party and leader, Volen Siderov, and the right-wing Democrats for Strong Bulgaria (DSB) and leader, Ivan Kostov, were fond of him, but they needed to be united in order to get rid of the DPS-BSP clique.

Borisov apologized for his earlier statements that GERB, RZS, Ataka and DSB were led by their common hate towards BSP and DPS, admitting hate was the wrong word and stressing he had nothing against Bulgaria’s Muslims.

The PM did, however, launch a strong attack on Yane Yanev, regarding Yanev’s claims there were different lobbies inside GERB.

“I do not want their 6-moth tolerance period. They need to say what those lobbies are. They must behave properly or go to the other side,” Borisov adamantly declared.

On other topics – the PM voiced hopes that due to some good signs his cabinet would be able to update the budget in June, and assured people that even if there is still a budget hole, funds would be borrowed from the fiscal reserve; promised to maintain good relations with the President in order to keep the country’s regained prestige with international institutions and vowed to meet 86-year-old Bulgarian scientist, living in Vienna, Prodan Hristov, who is said to have discovered a cancer medication that had successfully cured 1 400 patients and to introduce the discovery to the Bulgarian Health Minister and to leading Bulgarian scientists.



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