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Greece – Statement of Alternate FM Dimitris Droutsas January 5, 2010

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Journalist: What is the purpose and objective of your visit here within the framework of the Greek OSCE Chairmanship?

Mr. D. Droutsas: On 9 November, we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. A moment of historic importance for Europe and its peoples, and not just them. Greece – as the country holding the Chairmanship of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) – organized a special ceremony here in Vienna, at the Organization’s seat, together with Germany, in order to celebrate precisely this anniversary. Our presence here was also a good opportunity to hold discussions and have important contacts in preparation of the Council of Foreign Ministers in Athens at the beginning of December, where we will discuss and hopefully make the right decisions on the major issue of the new security structure for Europe, the well-known “Corfu Process”, through which I believe Greece has already left its mark on this very important matter to Europe.

Journalist: Did you discuss any issues relating to Turkey’s accession course?

Mr. D. Droutsas: I also had bilateral contacts with the political leadership of Austria and of course the country’s Foreign Minister, where I had the opportunity, first of all, to discuss our 2014 proposal regarding the European course of the Balkans, our immediate neighbourhood, and also of course Turkey’s European course As you know, Greece supports Turkey’s efforts, but we insist in a very clear manner on the implementation of all of Turkey’s obligations, and the conditions it has to comply with, vis-a-vis the European Union and all its member states. We very much hope that Turkey will respond to these obligations very soon, because I remind you of the December European Council rendez-vous, when it will be evaluated on its actions until now. I would simply like to add that Greece is always open and looking for sincere cooperation, honest discussion and clear words. We know what the problems are, and Turkey also knows the issues that it needs to help resolve: e.g. find a solution on the Cyprus issue, as well as good neighbourly relations with Greece. We do not avoid direct contact, it is our own initiative, we always seek it with the right preparation and the right and necessary seriousness.



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