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Gruevski comments on negotiations January 5, 2010

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Greece offers no agreement or guarantees on the issue of Macedonian identity and we should be aware of that in order not to be taken by surprise in case someone brings up the matter, Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski stated on Friday.

Till present day regardless of the governmental structure, Greece hasn’t been showing readiness to discuss the identity issue at all, the PM added.

– It is one of the serious issues, even though at home we are constantly being convinced that nothing else is important only if an agreement on the identity is reached. Not only there aren’t any guarantees on the identity, but also Greece is not willing to discuss it at all, rather may take on it after the ‘name’. It is not in its interest, Gruevski told the press at a celebration marking the 65th anniversary of Skopje’s liberation.

Macedonia, he stressed, is prepared to fight for its strategic and national interests and the people will voice their support for certain name proposals to come at a referendum.

Commenting a statement by government coalition partner, DUI leader Ali Ahmeti and president of opposition party SDSM, Branko Crvenkovski given at a joint meeting on prompt settlement of the name row, Gruevski said Crvenkovski was not relevant to give lectures on the matter since he had failed to solve it during his years in the office.

At the moment, no one right now is sure for how long these pretend negotiations will go on.

Asked what he thought on SDSM’s members meeting with Greek Ambassador and their urging for Macedonia to change the name ‘or else’, Gruevski added Crvenkovski wont be allowed to create a repeat of 2001, avoiding to comment on their meetings with Greek Officials.

Referring to the visa liberalisation for Macedonia, PM Gruevski said it was entering in its final stage. – I hope the process will have a positive ending. The issue is to be discussed at an EU ministerial meeting on Nov. 30 and Dec. 1. I hope the process to be completed with a positive result, which will enable Macedonian citizens as of Dec. 19 to travel without visas in Schengen zone countries, PM Gruevski stated.



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