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PM Gruevski: Macedonia to keep on fighting for EU integration January 5, 2010

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We won’t be heart-broken over what has happened, we’ll keep on fighting for Macedonia’s EU integration, stated Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski on Thursday in Bonn, once again commenting latest developments regarding the Macedonia-Greece ties surrounding Macedonia’s integration to the European Union.

– We have been and will be facing obstacles. Quite simply the fate of our country is such that we face more obstacles than other countries. Evidently, the Macedonian issue still overwhelms the Balkans i.e. certain countries on the Balkans. Sometimes it seems to me that we are living in the 19th century, not in the 21st century. Certain demands, especially from Greece, resemble those as far as from the 19th century or the early 20th century and not from the onset of the 21st century. We will find the strength to deal with it, we’ll find the strength to overcome the issues. There are countries that support us and the EU cannot forever tolerate this issue, noted Gruevski.

He said that through its actions Greece was in a way spending its credit. Gruevski said that “this credit has its beginning and its end and one day it will expire”.

– Greece cannot do this forever. Hence, Macedonia will keep on making efforts – we have a clearly defined Euro-Atlantic agenda, which we strive to fulfill, stated the Macedonian PM.

Commenting a statement by EU Ambassador Erwan Fouere that Brussels’ decision didn’t resemble the one reached at the Bucharest NATO summit, Gruevski noted that this was a case of two different points of view.

– He sees from his perspective, I see with my own eyes. From what I can see, we should have obtained a date, but we didn’t. Any other country in a similar situation would have be given a date. We even failed to get a date for a date (for membership talks). We only got hope that the issue will be debated again in the next six months, which I’ll reiterate is somewhat a positive moment, but very distant to make us happy, the PM stated.

Stressing that if it had been up to Fouere, then Macedonia would had been given a date for start of accession talks, Gruevski said he would like things to turn out in line with his predictions and Macedonia in the next six months to receive a date for start of negotiations with EU.

– But sometimes I refrain from making an unrealistic optimism. This doesn’t mean that we need to stop working, to give up the European Union and all of our problems. On the contrary, we need to continue our efforts, to intensify all of our attempts in order to find a solution, stated Gruevski in Bonn.



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