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ImageTurkey will hardly succeed in carrying out all reforms to join EU.

The probability of Turkey’s membership to EU is not high, as the country implemented 30% of the reforms and should still fulfill fair share of its commitments,” Armenian Premier Tigran Sargsyan stated speaking in NA, December 9.

According to him, Turkey will hardly succeed in carrying out all reforms to join EU due to current situation in the country. Its integration into EU is in Armenia’s interests and the latter should further the process in every possible way. “If Turkey respects nations’ rights, firstly those living on its territory, it will be easier to solve problems of Armenians, including ‘Genocide” issue. Our aim is not only international recognition of “Genocide,’ but primarily — by Turkey. Only Turkey’s integration to EU will contribute to this process, which promotes our interests,” Sargsyan said, adding that Armenia should redouble its efforts for the achievement of the objectives essential the whole nation.

Sargsyan also noted that PR institute in Armenia is poor. “We have serious problems and lots of issues to address in this field. However Armenia’s trump card is that it presents real situation not distorting the history. “The distortion of historic facts is fraught with serious menace,” Premier underlined.


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