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Bulgaria Denies It May Block Turkey’s EU Bid January 23, 2010

Posted by Yilan in Bulgaria, Turkey.
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A Bulgarian official has said that his country does not tie Turkey’s European Union bid to the settlement of a displaced persons argument from 1913.

The statement of Marin Raykov, Deputy Foreign Minister, came in response to a declaration by Bozhidar Dimitrov, a Bulgarian cabinet minister without portfolio who runs the country’s Agency for Bulgarians Abroad, who told local media Sunday he will seek USD 20 B from Turkey to settle the dispute or will oppose Ankara’s EU application.

“Bulgaria supports the reforms in Turkey and backs all decisions of the European Union, concerning the dialogue between Brussels and Ankara,” Marin Raykov said.

In his words Bulgaria and Turkey enjoy the best relations they have had for decades, though there are some issues to be solved, including the one concerning the property of the Thracian refugees.

Bulgaria and Turkey concluded a deal in 1925 in which they agreed the value of the lost land and property, but the compensation has never been paid. In 1983 the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry claimed that the assets left behind by the expelled Bulgarians were worth USD 10 B.

Minister Bozhidar Dimitrov however says that considering the years of foot-dragging Sofia is within its rights to demand at least twice as much money.

Sofia has not approached officially Ankara with regards to these claims.



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