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KKE on migrants, farmers February 1, 2010

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In an announcement on Sunday, the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) Political Bureau has proposed the legalisation of all immigrants living and working in Greece and the granting of nationality upon adulthood to all young people in the country, if they desired it.

The announcement was issued in response to the government’s announcement of plans to facilitate the granting of Greek nationality and voting rights to legal migrants and their children.

The party noted the problems faced by some 250,000 children of migrants that have been born or spent the larger part of their lives in Greece, noting that they have to contend with the insecurity and the minimal rights afforded to their parents, are not registered in local authority rolls, cannot obtain birth certificates and, in some cases, are unable to obtain a passport from their parents’ country of origin.

It criticises the government’s draft bill, saying that this only concerns a part of the migrant population and does not deal with the migrant issue as a whole.

Regarding the right of migrants to vote in municipal elections without having Greek nationality, KKE notes that this right is restricted to those that are ethnic Greeks, EU member-state citizens or that have long-term residence permits and does not allow them to be elected as mayor or municipal councillor.

Papariga tour of farmer road blocks

Visits to the farmers’ road blocks in Nikaia and Alamana were made on Saturday by Communist Party of Greece (KKE) General Secretary Aleka Papariga, who expressed the KKE’s support for their struggle.

Papariga urged farmers to draw up a common set of demands and exert joint pressure on the government, while she dismissed the dialogue on farm issues starting in Athens on Monday as little more than a sham and said that the speech on farm issues made by Prime Minister George Papandreou was “provocative”.

She expressed support for the farmers decision to protest by closing roads and border crossings, saying that this was justified when they had been fighting over the same issues for the past decade.

“If you withdraw from the road blocks you will lose everything,” she stressed in Alamana, noting that the government was aware of their demands and had to answer them, while stressing that the government’s policy on farming was “incorporated in the dictates and choices of the EU”.



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