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Greece outsmarted Bulgaria with the border blockade March 12, 2010

Posted by Yilan in Bulgaria, Yunanistan.
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Svetoslav Terziev points out that Greece knows how to get the best out of European disputes, while Bulgaria is a novice in this business. Thus, for instance, PM Boyko Borisov rushed to sue Greece without any research on the matter.
A simple glimpse inside the registers of both the Court of Justice and the European Commission can well provide the answer to the following three questions.
Firstly, EU member states never go for head-to-head legal proceedings in Luxembourg – they turn to the European Commission to do the job, because it has been initially assigned the task of “protector of the Treaties”. In the event of no response from the Commission, however, the member states are entitled to directly address the Court.
Secondly, if Greece is adjudicated to pay amends to Bulgaria over the border blockade, it will be a precedent in the EU.
And, thirdly, there is only one special instrument, intended to curb the effects of border and road blockades on the European roads – the so-called Strawberry Regulation from 1998 – but it is only a formal procedure and does not envisage imposition of financial sanctions.



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