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Bulgarian MEPs Bring Spaska Mitrova’s Case to Parliament to create problems for Macedonia March 16, 2010

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Spaska Mitrova Case Enters European Parliament: Bulgarian MEPs  Bring Spaska Mitrova's Case to Parliament
Bulgarian MEPs from all political parties have united in their effort to bring justice for the Bulgarian mother in Macedonia, who is fighting a difficult custody battle. Photo by BGNES

The Bulgarian Members of the European Parliament from all political groups decided to request a meeting with the EU Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighborhood, Stefan Fule, regarding Spaska Mitrova’s case.

The information was reported by the Socialist MEPs press center.

The Bulgarian MEPs intend to discuss violations of civil rights of people with Bulgarian self-awareness by authorities in Macedonia. The MEPS will point out to Fule the violations of the Copenhagen criteria in a country that aspires to become a EU Member State.

In September, the Bulgarian MEPs sent a letter to Fule’s predecessor Olli Rehn, to which the early release of Mitrova from jail is largely attributed.

The young woman, who lives in Macedonia, holds a Bulgarian passport and perceives herself as Bulgarian, was sentenced and served time in a Macedonian prison over charges she did not allow her husband to see Suzanna. She was released on parole, but then the parental rights case began. She has been the cause of diplomatic scandal between the two countries in 2009.

On March 11, the Court in the Macedonian town of Gevgeli ruled to give custody rights to the father of 3-year old-Suzanna, daughter of Bulgarian Spaska Mitrova and Serbian Voislav Savic.

In the aftermath of the news about the Court’s rule, the Bulgarian Foreign Affairs Ministry expresses deep concern over the way the custody trial was held. The Ministry defined the trial as non-transparent and held in the conditions of a very negative public environment, which included physical force, detention, and depriving the mother of her right to see her child.

The Ambassador of Macedonia to Sofia, Alexander Vasilevski, was called the next day to the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry to provide clarifications about the Macedonian position regarding the Gevgeli court rule.



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