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Bulgarian’s creating a fuss over Macedonian dancing group March 18, 2010

Posted by Yilan in Bulgaria, Macedonia.
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A ten-minute footage of show by Nikola Karev dance company from Australia is about to cause a scandal in YouTube. The saga with the Macedonian reading of Alexander the Great’s biography is deeply moving, comment people who have already managed to watch the footage (www.youtube.com).
The viewers can watch the “unique” choreography in which youths in Greek helmets, chain armor and swords, with the Virgina sun on their chests, and girls in long Greek peplos are dancing Macedonian horo (round folk dance), which resembles a lot the choreography of Ensemble Pirin.
In another show ancient Macedonians and Persians are fighting to death with swords in a type of a sword dance by Aram Hachaturyan to the stains of Bulgarian rachenitsa (a Bulgarian folk dance).
At the end of the “show” Alexander, who has already seen his father dying and heard the praetorians screaming “It is not important what the king’s name is!,” drinks the glass of poison and enthusiastically says “I wandered around the populated and unpopulated earth, but I could not escape my fate.” And then the sacral “Macedonia will live!”
The modern show apparently is part of a wave of popularizing the thesis about the ancient Macedonian origin and the bond with the ancient Macedonians. On the scene, which resembles a community center, there is a banner reading “Macedonian youth society Nikola Karev. 30 years of being ambassadors of Macedonian folklore.”
The thesis about the relation with Alexander the Great has not been accepted by a single serious European or world historiography. Despite that however, in the recent years Australian higher schools have been developing theses and winning projects that prove the ancient Macedonian origin. Bulgarian students in Australia also report about the latter.



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