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Greece: Officer, soldier dismissed over racist slogans are military parade in Athens March 28, 2010

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An officer and some of the soldiers, who were shouting racist slogans during the military parade in Athens on March 25, have been dismissed, Macedonian Kanal 5 reports.
During the celebration of the national holiday of Greece, a group of the diver’s unit with the coastal guards issued threats and insults, such as “They are Skopjans, they are Albanians; we will make clothes out of their skin”.
Kanal 5 comments the reaction of Greek Civil Protection Minister Michalis Hrisokoidis, who said that such behavior and death threats to the neighbors is not proper for people dressed in military uniform, who have sworn in the Constitution and the state laws.



1. kyle f - April 21, 2010

this site sucks there is no pictures of Athens slogan

2. alan smith - January 6, 2012

Well when Fyrom stop stealing history (alexander is theirs) and albanians stop funding terrorism in greece and turkey give back cyprus, then I’m sure they will settle down.

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