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Greek Ambassador: Racist chants are Isolated Incident March 30, 2010

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Greece’s Ambassador to Macedonia, Alexandra Papadopoulou, apologised for the nationalistic and racist chants at a military parade in Athens. She was convened Monday in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where Deputy Minister Zoran Petrov extended protest, urging for formal apology.

– This is an isolated incident and should not be blown out of proportions. It should be condemned and it is being condemned. This doesn’t represent the people of Greece, its position and mentality. Therefore, I ask you not to give much importance to this isolated incident. It should not be used for political or other goals, because it won’t help, Papadopoulou told reporters after meeting Petrov.

It was pointed to Papadopoulou that this is happening every year and is not an isolated incident.

“They are Skopians, they are Albanians, we will make new clothes out of their skins”, was one of the slogans at the military parade held in Athens this past Thursday marking Greece’s independence day.

The unit causing the incident, according to the ambassador, is not part of the army forces, but of the coast guard unit. Civil Protection Minister Michalis Chryssochoidis has already taken measures to probe the incident and to identify those responsible. – Once they are identified, those persons will be punished, Chryssochoidis has said, stressing that an officer in charge had been already suspended.



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