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Albanian parties increasingly nervous with upcoming Census April 28, 2010

Posted by Yilan in Macedonia.
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The Albanian political parties in Macedonia show increasing signs of nervousness as the new census is approaching. It’s not only the parties in the opposition, it’s also DUI which is part of the ruling coalition.

The issue which has gained traction in the last couple of months has seen DUI and ND request more ethnic Albanians be employed in the State Statistical Office thinking this will contribute to the SSO counting more ‘Albanians’.

The reason for this request is that ethnic Albanians who publicly state their disloyalty towards Macedonia are afraid they would lose ministerial and other government positions as well as put the Ohrid Framework agreement in jeopardy if they fail to reach 25% of the total population.

Census experts state if the 2011 census goes smoothly, ethnic Albanians may look realistically into 16 to 17% of the total Macedonian population. The previous census was cited as fraudulent by members of Government, including the head of the SSO. In it, ethnic Albanians doubled their number from 12 to 25% within few years. The SSO head prior to his resignation gave details of ethnic Albanian villages numbering 200 people, reporting as having 1,400.

More details of fraud and its magnitude came during the last general elections when out of 2 million population, an incredible 1.82 million were registered as having the right to vote, meaning Macedonia has almost no children. This discrepancy (fraud) was noted by the EU as well.

DUI is expected to push for new general elections if VMRO doesn’t agree to come up with the magical 25%, just like the SDSM did years ago. DUI members also publicly have acknowledged, they enjoyed more being in a colaition with the SDSM because they were able to ‘run things’ without oversight.



1. Alb-Kos.info - April 30, 2010

Look, whoever you are. Albanians in Macedonia are more than 35%. If a fair count is going to be held, Albanian number will go up not down.

2. Voya - August 19, 2010

Bulshit, Alb-Kos, the Albanian number within the last 50 years raised from 12.5% to “25.3%”, and the last time was increased due to the Kosovo refugees from 1999 that didn’t return back home.

300.000 – 350.000 Albs are living in Macedonia at this moment, any number larger than that is a lie.

3. Lind van Beck - September 3, 2010

Voya if the Albanians did not emigrate to the USA,Switzerland,Germany,Sweden,Austria,England and Austrailia from Macedonia since 1967 till today, not only would the Albanians be 50% of the population of Macedonia but they would also be the majority.

The Albanians emigrated because of discrimination in all aspects of life against Albanians by the Slavic rulers of Macedonia. While Unemployment is high in Macedonia, for Albanians in Macedonia its 2 to 3 times higher because all the jobs first go to the Slavic people.

Still the Albanians will be 30% minimum of Macedonia if no cheating is done by the Slavs which is like saying don’t bite to a snake.

sashoy - May 21, 2012

🙂 “The Albanians emigrated because of discrimination in all aspects of life against Albanians by the Slavic rulers of Macedonia.” Why didn`t they emigrate in Albania but in Western Europe? Simply, because they have emigrated in search for better life which Albania as poor country wasnt able to provide this to them. Do you wish to live in Albania in the 1945-1990 period? Go on. Albanians in Macedonia have the highest possible rights. If you disagree with this I advise you to compare with the rights Macedonians have in Albania and to degrade to that level. Furthermore, for employment it is not important only to be Macedonian, Albanian or anything else, your skills are much important and your contribution toward organization.

4. miki - March 27, 2013

how about the 500,000-600,000 Macedonians who have immigrated? you are full of it esepcially since in teh period 19050-1980 it was mainly Macedonains who immigrated. I woudl agreee that Lately especially in the past 15 years, many Albanians have also left but it is the same as teh Macedonians. I say welcome fellwo citizens & congratulations for teh empty villages & schools! we have seen this for teh past 50 years & blame no one. I just hope you keep immigrating. As you invaded our lands in 17,18& 19 centuryunder beneficial terms given to you by teh Ottoman turks, so we wish you leave .

5. Samm - October 23, 2014

In this map you can’t see the municipality of Studenichan , Arachino , Cair , Struga , Dibra and Prespa that these are 75-80 % albanian

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