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Greece spends 14 Million Euros of EU Funds for Alexander Museum April 30, 2010

Posted by Yilan in Macedonia, Yunanistan.
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The European Union had last year approved 14 million euros of their funds to the Greek Government for building a museum dedicated to Alexander the Great.

The museum is built in Pela, Aegean Macedonia.

Macedonian archeologists followed the news by shrugging their shoulders – “that’s the EU for you” said one archeologist working at the Skopje Kale, adding “you’d think they (Greece) use the money to finance their problems”.

Head of the Macedonian Cultural Heritage Pasko Kuzman explained the situation in Macedonia and Greece.

– You don’t expect Greece to have any issues for their attention to antiquities, museums… The EU doesn’t scold them for ‘antiquization’ which is a term coined by some of our media. We don’t need the EU to scold us for using our own money, we have people in Macedonia who are paid to gauge our eyes out for even thinking of putting monuments – says Pasko Kuzman.

Greece has worked for decades on usurping Balkans’ history. The “Macedonian” chapter started in the late 1980’s.

– Where was the European Union when Greece suddenly named Northern Greece into “Macedonia”. Where was the EU when the Airport in Solun abruptly was changed into “Macedonia”.  No comment from the EU when a monument of Phillip was erected in Solun in the 1990’s, or when Greece set up Macedonian symbols at all their borders. Now compare this to the bizarre messages coming from the EU when Macedonia was investing money in our culture. The EU scolded every Macedonian archeological find, every monument, even though it was funded with our money and on our land – concluded Pasko Kuzman.



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