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Bulgaria Socialists Vow to Integrate Ethnic Turks May 3, 2010

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According to the presentation of the BSP leader Stanishev, the Socialists face “hard dialogue” and “lack of employment” of their members on part of the DPS, and “no dialogue”, and “sacking” of their members on part of the ruling party GERB.
The Bulgarian Socialist Party is launching a new effort to integrate ethnic Turks in its ranks, its leader Sergey Stanishev announced.

Stanishev spoke Sunday after a meeting of the Executive Bureau of the party in the southern city of Kardzhali.

He said the Socialists had to invite more ethnic Turks to join their ranks, especially in the regions with ethnically mixed population.

The former Prime Minister stressed the fact that in these regions the Socialist Party works in very unfavorable conditions because of the role there of the ethnic Turkish party Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS).

Stanishev, whose government in 2005-2009, was formed with the mandate of the DPS, said that during the three-way coalition term, the Socialists had good cooperation on the national level with the DPS party but not on the regional level. For that, he criticized the political culture and attitude of his former partners.

Stanishev said that while the ruling GERB party was an enemy of the DPS, the Socialists wanted to have principled relations with the latter.

He also slammed the Borisov government for having “far-right policies” and attempting to establish an authoritarian dictatorship.



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