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World Macedonian Congress accuses Bulgarian police of terror May 3, 2010

Posted by Yilan in Bulgaria, Macedonia.
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Around 350 Macedonian nationals marked the 95th anniversary since the murder of Yane Sandanski at the Rozhen Monastery.
The commemoration ceremony was attended by a ten-member delegation of Macedonians from Greece.
However, the delegations of the World Macedonian Congress and the Union of Macedonians from Aegean Macedonia did not manage to attend the event, for which they blame Bulgarian police.
At the Delchevo-Stanke Lisichkovo border checkpoint the Macedonian delegation was not allowed to enter the territory of Bulgaria over some problems with the documents. The group made a second attempt to cross the border, using another car, and managed to enter Bulgaria but the mini-bus was stopped by police closed to the Southwest town of Simitly and then returned to the town of Blagoevgrad, where the delegation was kept at the police station for four hours because the driver was not wearing a seat belt. The delegation returned to Macedonia after paying a fine.
World Macedonian Congress chairperson Todor Petkov accused Bulgarian police of terror.



1. Robert - July 7, 2011

Yet the world fails in all aspects of human rights when it concerns the balkans….The New World Order is amongst us with the illuminati empires of the USA and EU trying to control the world.

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