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Ivanov for RFE elaborates on Greece’s dispute with Macedonia May 25, 2010

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There is a way out for Macedonia’s EU integration process, therefore bilateral agreement with Greece exists, Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov said.

– There is a way out. That’s why a bilateral agreement with Greece exists, therefore it is passed for Greece not to obstruct our integration. However, I have not seen existence of wish and a kind of pressure on Greece to respect what it had accepted and signed. Other solution is Greece to finally admit the reality that a state Macedonia, Macedonian nation and Macedonian language exist, President Ivanov said in an interview with Radio Free Europe.

Ivanov considers that there are still politicians in Greece who use the rhetoric of the cold war and play on fears and prejudices at their population that by existence of the state Macedonia, a danger exists for their territory, identity.- In the 21st to open such issues and to profit from them is unserious, Ivanov said.

He said that Macedonia showed to be for good-neighbourly relations – therefore we changed the flag, the constitution and now we are in the process conducted in the UN on finding mutually acceptable solution by making best efforts and being constructive. However, we are not seeing such signal and commitment from other side. Probably they consider they should postpone and postpone this issue and as long as they approach from position of power, will have force to obstruct our integration in Euro-Atlantic structures, Ivanov said.

Answering journalist question whether Macedonia has alternative if Greece does not accept a compromise and country remains outside NATO and EU, Ivanov said that we are put in position certain structures to call and to request alternatives.

– There is no alternative for our region except what we have chosen. We have general determination and we persevere in it. Therefore we are making our best through the process led by Mr. Nimetz to come to certain solution, which will be mutually acceptable. But we cannot accept solutions offered by Greece to be placed as mutually acceptable solutions, i.e. Greek proposals to be presented to us that should be ours too, Ivanov said.

Regarding the name issue, Ivanov said that there is no open pressure from the international factors for compromise with Greece.

– There is a pointing out that a solution should be found. We are aware that a solution must be found and therefore we say we are in a need of solution. Greece does not need a solution, and we do not feel that Greece is making something for finding swift solution. It is in its favour. Maybe the strategy Greece had towards Cyprus is applied with us also. It prolongs the problem. It simply creates an environment that it will last as long as conditions are created to come to something which will be in their favour, Ivanov said.

We, Ivanov said, are making everything to point out that international law, what is in the UN resolutions and charter, should be valid for us as for everyone.- As a state we also have a need of dignity, pride and respect of the international order, President Ivanov said in an interview with Radio Free Europe.



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