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Let’s Get Behind Small Countries like Macedonia’s Eurovision Entrant Gjoko May 25, 2010

Posted by Yilan in Macedonia.
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THERE are some artistes here at Eurovision who deserve more promotion than they actually receive.

Macedonian Eurovision Entrant Gjoko TaneskiMacedonian Eurovision Entrant Gjoko Taneski

These are the artistes and singers from the smaller countries who are up against some of the much larger countries of Europe who can often wield more financial and political clout with international TV audiences

Here the entrant from FYR Macedonia explains something about himself and his country’s song for 2010;

Q What should we know about you and your appearance here a Eurovision

Now I am Gjoko Taneski and when I sing I have a power, and the song Jas Ja Imam Silata is written by composer Kristijan Gabroski, and i very much like the song. We composed it specifically to go for the Eurovision, and we won the nomination in Macedonia, and now we are here in Oslo It is my great pleasure to perform for Macedonia, so I hope I will not disappoint my country. The song is about I want to get over my last lady and I want to spread my wings and to fly away. So it’s about lost love.

Q Is Eurovision special to people in Macedonia and will people be watching you at home

A I don’t know. The second part of the song has the chorus which is a strong part of the song and there is also the wonderful solo and I think we have a positive energy that the people should hear.

Q Have you had to make lots of changes to the song since it was performed in the national final

A No. the song is like it was in the Macedonian national final

Q What sort of singer are you

A I have spent over 15 years in Macedonia performing on the stage, and so I have two albums Zbogum Najmila(Farewell Dearest) and Nikogas Dosta(Never Enough). I don’t know, Macedonia is a very small country and we have too many singers and the music scene there is not in the best of health. So I think I decide to get out of Macedonia and to go to Serbia or Croatia and to promote my career there.

Q What type of music do these singers get involved with

A Mostly singing pop music or pop rockat concerts. I don’t have much else to say about other singers. There is a lot of Serbian music which is popular in Macedonia turbo trance mixed with Eastern European Funk.

Q Will this appearance on stage in Oslo be the highlight of your career so far

A Yes, absolutely the highlight I have spent a lot of years performing and preparing before this appearance. I think and hope I will enter the final (from Tuesday’s semi-final) and I will let God decide(laughs)



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