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Greek witness: Israeli forces killed Turkish activist to stop media broadcast June 7, 2010

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An activist from Greece who was on board the Freedom Flotilla which carried aid to the Gaza Strip and later became subjected to Israel’s acts of piracy, accused Israel’s naval forces of killing one Turkish citizen for broadcasting images of the attacks on the Internet.

Demetre Plionis told a left wing Greek newspaper, “A half hour after the attack, despite electronic warfare, the “Mavi Marmara” ship continued to broadcast images on the internet thanks to a sophisticated system run by a Turkish volunteer. Then, I saw him dead after he was shot in the head.”

Plionis, who was one of the Greek citizens aboard the Turkish vessel, said, “Israel’s priority was to stop scenes of the attack from being broadcasted”. He recalled that the Turkish activists spread almost a hundred cameras on the ship which transmitted images systematically. “The broadcast was discontinued when the person who was running the network was killed,” he added.

Plionis said that he resorted to the ship’s media center at the request of the Turkish captain when the attack took place, and that after the Zionist commandos took over the ship, they “beat reporters… and smashed every last camera, computer, and telephone”.

All 37 Greek nationals who participated in the aid operation spoke of the ill-treatment they experienced during the attack, and the time they spent in Israel’s custody.



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