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Crvenkovski threatens Macedonians over name June 8, 2010

Posted by Yilan in Macedonia.
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“Macedonia must accept Greece’s proposal and change the name of the country, only then there is hope for EU and NATO integration” says former president and current leader of the opposition Branko Crvenkovski in an interview for Radio Free Europe.

In the last few days, Crvenkovski has campaigned in numerous Macedonian villages (where they aren’t sure who he is) to try and influence citizens that the country must change its name!?

On two previous occasions, the former president was physically attacked by villagers (this went unreported by SDSM run media), so to resolve this, Crvenkovski has increased his bodyguard count from two to five when accompanying him on his ‘name changing journeys’.

Who is funding Crvenkovski’s trips? The opposition leader is missing work in order to campaign on behalf of Greece’s position on the name issue?

Euro diplomats in the country were stunned when SDSM run paper (Dnevnik) released a poll claiming majority Macedonians were to stop all negotiations with Greece.

The results of the poll were actually 80% in favour of stopping all negotiations with Greece, however Dnevnik being Dnevnik reported 51%, as if it was on the ‘border’.

But even the 51% caused shock among the foreigners. “This can’t be. Macedonia should change the name to enter the EU.” claimed the French Ambassador. “We were told Macedonia will change the name” he said, alluding to promises made by SDSM members who continue to tell EU and US Ambassadors the country will change the name if they are elected (someone is asking for EU help to fix the upcoming elections).

The French Ambassador, coming from a country that tells Muslims how to dress and what to wear, claims Macedonians shouldn’t have a say of what the name of their country is.

To the EU/US Ambassadors: 1. Get yourself new friends. 2. Start reading anything other than Dnevnik, Spic, Vest, A1, Vreme, Utrinski… there is a reason why these papers are delivered to your Embassies for Free (they are owned by your ‘friends’).

Crvenkovski: “I’ll do anything and please anyone to return to power, including a name change”. Gruevski: “We are in UN, FIFA, OESC, WTO as fyr Macedonia, why not in NATO?”

You can see why Kanal5’s Milenko Nedelkovski is frustrated. Crvenkovski makes Vidkun Quisling look like a school boy, and he still remains free, i.e. not-jailed. Crvenkovski should have Idrizovo as his permanent home on hundred plus counts, according to constitutional and criminal experts.

So what is the plan?

We have a party which has done for the country in terms of respect and investments more in 2 yars than SDSM did for 18 years. I don’t belong to any party, these are just facts folks.

Then we have the SDSM. A ‘party’ which propagates tension and is currently helped by Ljube Boskoski who ironically ended up in the Hague because of the SDSM and Crvenkovski. We know who got him out of there.

Both Crvenkovski and Boskoski joined forces to destabilize the country (MINA has reported on this), which was confirmed again several days ago by Filip Petrovski who was expelled from Boskoski’s party. According to Filip Petrovski, Boskoski’s party (ironically named United for Macedonia) is only a platform for his personal goals adding its funding comes mainly from Kosovo.

Crvenkovski is the mastermind, while Boskoski is the field manager in importing destability from Kosovo. Their plans to instill fear and destability have so far failed after Macedonian police on multiple occasions successfully prevented weapons from crossing the border.

Back to the RFE interview. Crvenkovski for RFE, added that the EU must present a negative feedback on Macedonia, not just on the progress towards the EU, but in general, as long as it’s aimed against the current Government.

The SDSM leader concluded his interview by warning the 65% of Macedonian population who voted for Gruevski: “The days of the current Government were numbered, the SDSM is well positioned to win the new elections, whenever they happen” says Crvenkovski, however failing to mention whether he spoke of elections in Macedonia or Greece, since the SDSM has positioned itself to do better in Greek elections.



1. Kiro Velkovski - June 10, 2010

Unsubstantiated text by MINA. I wrote to them, no answer, no quotes. Not that I like BC, but this is not a proper press reporting…

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