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Gul says Turkey’s road to EU should not be blocked June 12, 2010

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Turkish President Abdullah Gul said Friday Turkish-French friendship was more valuable than investment figures.

Speaking at a dinner hosted by the Paris Bosphorus Institute in Istanbul, Gul stressed that everything could not be measured by the economy and trade volume.
Turkish-French friendship does not have a measurable material value, Gul noted.

There are many projects taking place to carry further Turkey’s EU membership process and to bring the peoples of Turkey and France closer to each other. The two countries know each other very well, Gul said.

Just a short while ago, a “Season of Turkey” took place in France. For nine months, cultural and artistic events took place in all corners of France. The “Season of Turkey” activities helped the promotion of Turkey in France, Gul said.

The “Season of Turkey” went through successfully. Accordingly, we witnessed the real strength of Turkish-French relations, Gul said.

Turkey’s and France’s perspectives on international issues are identical. The trade volume between Turkey and France is on the rise each year, Gul said.


Touching on Turkey’s EU membership process, Gul said that Turkey’s road to the EU should not be blocked.

“I would not be offended if people say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ after Turkey reaches EU standards. However, I do have the right to be offended if Turkey’s path to reach the EU standards gets blocked. Turkey’s EU goal is a long term and strategic goal. This goal should be sacrificed to certain short-term goals and populist calculations.

Turkey’s EU process is a state strategy embraced by everyone,” Gul also said.



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