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If not Euro-Atlantic integration, what then? June 20, 2010

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Western Europe over the last few decades or so has been popularized as the “democratic panacea” of all times, offering “equal rights” to all people of all colours and flavours but as things are shaping up that is not the case. Western Europe may look good on paper and in theory but in practice it is the same old “racist Europe” it always was.

The difference between today and yesterday´s Europe is that yesterday´s Europe was a little more honest and foreword in the way it treated people. Yesterday´s Western Europe did not hide its hatred and racism and was honest about it. In fact, Western Europe made a fashion of conquering, enslaving and tormenting entire worlds and did it in full view and without regret. Today´s Europe however, through its European Union, tries very hard to win the hearts and minds of people by “pretending” to be something it is not and by offering “rights” on paper which it has no intention of delivering. The fact that the European Union, un-coerced and voluntarily came up with “the idea” of human rights for all minorities leaves us to question its motives! Didn´t they think about this and agree among themselves how they were going to give minorities their rights before announcing it to the world? Or was their real intention to pull the wool over everyone´s eyes?

Both Greece and Bulgaria are part of the European Union and have been so for some time now. So where are the human rights for the ethnic minorities living in those countries? Why has Greece been blocking Macedonia´s entry into world institutions and refusing to accept its name?

On one hand the European Union brags about everyone in Europe having all kinds of “rights” including the right to “self identify” and on the other hand supports Greece in not only oppressing the ethnic minorities living in Greece but also blocking the Republic of Macedonia from becoming a member in world institutions. Even worse, the European Union has become a participant in Greece´s long aspiration to destroy the Macedonian identity! Is this the new and improved Europe we all expect to trust and love?

I guess you have to be a Macedonian in order to see the dark side of Europe, to experience its hypocritical “ugly side” and to face, first hand, European injustice! It is with a heavy heart that I say these words but nonetheless they must be said because lately Europe has become a stomach-turning dishonest hypocrite!

The shameful part about all this is that honest people go on living their lives believing that Europe has now changed and is “just” and “fair” and that minorities have been recognized and their “human rights” protected. Perhaps Europe is fair and just to some but to date it has not been fair and just to the Macedonian people.

The difference between yesterday´s Europe and today´s is that yesterday Europe openly “forced itself” on Macedonia and enslaved it in 1878 when it was freed by Russia and condemned to a life of occupation by Western Europe. Europe sat on the sidelines in 1903 and watched the Ottoman Empire pummel Macedonia back into the Stone Age. Then, only ten years later, Europe allowed its rabid dogs Greece, Serbia and Bulgaria to carve up Macedonia and devour it for all eternity. There is no one who will deny that these were gruesome acts but nonetheless they were done “openly”.

Even with all that abuse Macedonia still survived. But have the Macedonian people learned anything from their experience? That remains to be seen!

But that was yesterday´s Europe when slavery, racism and imperialism ran rampant and were a way of life openly practiced. So how does today´s Europe compare to that of Yesterday?

Well, slavery has disappeared, racism has gone underground and imperialism has been replaced with “economic domination”. Countries are no longer invaded “militarily” but they are expected to voluntarily surrender themselves to the European Union. Instead of countries being attacked militarily by the Empire of the European Union, as they were in the past, today they are expected to voluntarily surrender and destroy their own sovereignty. And how exactly does the European Union convince them to do that?

Through dishonesty, lies, deception and treachery! Now many of you may say that those are strong words but that is because you are not Macedonians and have not walked in the shoes of the Macedonians!

I cannot even begin to describe what Greece and Bulgaria have done to the Macedonian people over the years; in full view of Europe! If Europe is such a great, just, fair and democratic place then why has it tolerated all these injustices? How can Europe sit by silently and watch Greek and Bulgarian injustices perpetrated against the Macedonian people?

How can Europe tolerate what Greece is doing to the Republic of Macedonia today? Ladies and gentlemen, racism is not only alive and well in Europe but it is tolerated to no end! Europe has not changed a bit since the 19th century but your expectations of Europe have. This is because you believe everything you are told without questioning it and that is precisely why Greece and Bulgaria have gotten away literally with murder!

Let us now see why Greece is so important to Europe;

1. Europe created Greece out of the ashes of the Ottoman Empire and gave it an “artificial” character in its own “perceived” image.

2. Europe sacrificed Macedonia and the Macedonian identity in order to give Greece life, more land and an artificial identity of its own.

3. Undeservingly Europe helped Greece usurp Macedonia´s history and heritage at the expense of the Macedonian people.

4. In spite of Greece´s faults and failures, Europe over the years has protected Greece and to this day it is still protecting it.

Europe has had many chances and opportunities to “right the wrongs” of its past with regards to the Macedonians but to date it has chosen not to.

Is there anyone out there then that is “surprised” that Europe today would be asking the Macedonian people to voluntarily give up their God given autochthonous, biblical country name and to commit “ethnic suicide”; just to join their racist European Union? When will people wake up and see the true face of Europe?


Let´s face it, Western European politics was never about honesty, justice, or fairness. It was always about power and greed. Anything other than that is “fluff” designed to keep those who believe in “fairness”, “justice” and the “truth” feel less vulnerable in their comfortable Western lives thinking that everything is “a-okay” and there is nothing to worry about because the “rights of the small people” have been taken care of. This may be a true perception for some but not for the Macedonians who do not even have the right to exist as Macedonians. If you happen to be a Macedonian in Europe then you either “do not exist” or you are some kind of “Frankenstein creation” that does not deserve to exist!

The mere mention of “Macedonians” seems to “offend” Western Europe and “throw it into a loop”, but for the love of God I can´t seem to put my finger on it as to why that is! Ah I just remembered, it´s all about Greece the “real Frankenstein” child of Western Europe! Maternal instincts are very powerful and Western Europe will do “everything” in its power to protect its illegitimate spoiled child.

So let us face reality and understand once and for all that Western Europe, Greece´s mother, like any mother, will not do anything to harm her child and once Macedonians realize this maybe they will come to understand the position they are in (with regards to Western Europe) and will appreciate the reasons why some Western European countries do not want a “Macedonia” on their continent!

Allow me to once again spell it out for you! Western Europe, through the Philhellenes, created Modern Greece and falsely laid its foundations on top of the ancient Greek and Macedonian cultures allowing the modern Greeks to usurp the Macedonian heritage, leaving “nothing” for the Macedonians!

By now everyone who has been reading my articles must know that Modern Greece is an “illegitimate” child and has no right to either the ancient Greek or the ancient Macedonian heritage. But as long as there is a Macedonian identity in existence there will always be a rightful heir to the Macedonian heritage, which is a threat to Greece. So when Macedonians wake up to the realization of what this means they will want their heritage back. That is precisely why Greece and its protectors do not want Macedonians to exist. That is why Greece and its protectors oppose the Macedonian state, identity, language and everything Macedonian.

Unfortunately that is not all; there is also the matter of what Greece has done to the Macedonian people over the years and the atrocities it has committed against them. It is unlikely that the Macedonians will forget and forgive the expulsions, land confiscation, forced denationalization, assimilation, imprisonment, torture and killing of Macedonians for simply being Macedonian. Europe too was witness to all these atrocities and did “nothing” to stop or prevent them. So far none of this has become “public knowledge”. That is why Greece and its protectors are doing their utmost to prevent it from becoming public knowledge. That is precisely why they have chosen the path of “deceiving” Macedonia into changing its name so that they can take the next step and destroy the Macedonian identity. That is also why Macedonian “MUST back out” of these “name negotiations” and “expose” them for what they truly are!

Given that Macedonia cannot and will not join NATO and the European Union without signing its own death warrant, then what´s left for Macedonia?

Before answering the question let us first look at what NATO and the European Union have to offer;

Until not too long ago there was talk that, with the collapse of the Soviet Union, NATO´s “usefulness” had come to an end and NATO was going to be dismantled. Then, after Greece vetoed Macedonia´s entry in Bucharest, NATO´s “dysfunctional-lity” was revealed. It proved to everyone that the “political end” of NATO could not even make the most basic of decisions without tripping over itself. I am also told “how lucky” Macedonia is not to have joined NATO because if it did it would have had to spend billions of dollars to upgrade its weaponry, technology and standards; a cost today Macedonia cannot afford. And I would not want to mention the men and women Macedonia would have had to sacrifice to fight in “other people´s wars”! And what will Macedonia get in return? You tell me!

As for joining the “dysfunctional” European Union; if the EU was such a great success why then are so many of its long standing members “flat broke” and carry such “debilitating” debts? Does Macedonia want to join the European Union and help Greece pay off its debt, part of which it accumulated from propaganda expenditures in its fight against the Macedonian people?

Macedonia is doing far better today than most European Union countries and (1) it should not rush to join any organization, never mind “dysfunctional” ones like the EU, and (2) there are more than 130 other nations out there that Macedonia can partner with and do business. If I may add, Macedonia, to a large extent in terms of its food production and its micro-economy, is “self sufficient” and can survive on its own. If it joins “large” organizations it puts at risk not only its “identity” but also its “sovereignty”. Macedonia could not wait to “get out” of Yugoslavia (at least that is what I am told) so why would it want to join an even larger European Union? Something to think about!

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