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Macedonia and Poland Sign an Agreement for Defence Cooperation June 23, 2010

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On 21 June 2010, the Macedonian Minister of Defence, Zoran Konjanovski and the Ambassador of Poland to the Republic of Macedonia Carol Bahura signed an Agreement for Defence Cooperation between the governments of the two countries.

The Agreement for cooperation in the defence area contains the general defence cooperation principles between the Republic of Macedonia and the Republic of Poland, based on the principles of equality, partnership and mutual benefit.

The Agreement, according to Konjanovski, provides an enhancement of the cooperation through direct meetings of the Ministers of Defence, the CHODS, the Commanders of the Land Forces, Air Force as well as exchange of experiences on an expert level, political and military consultations, organizing seminars, participation in peace and humanitarian operations etc.

“The cooperation between Macedonia and Poland has been established since 1996, however, we considered that it would be better to have one restored agreement for defence cooperation signed by the constitutional name of the Republic of Macedonia,” said the Macedonian Minister, adding that the Macedonian efforts for partnership with Poland are being reconfirmed with today’s Agreement with Poland.

Ambasador Bahura underlined that the signing of the Agreement will enable its implementation by deeds, and not only by words.

“We cooperate and participate together in the Afghanistan and other missions and I believe that in this way the cooperation between the two countries in the defence segment and all other areas will enhance,” said the polish Ambassador.

Minister Konjanovski underlined that Poland has more than 2.500 members of the armed forces deployed to Afghanistan and Macedonia has more than 250 ARM members deployed to Afghanistan in the ISAF mission, thus it represents a country with a strong participation in maintaining global security.

“We have many lessons learned that can serve for an increased preparedness and training of the members of the armed forces in both countries,” he added.



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