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PM: Macedonia and Greece will keep seeking a solution June 24, 2010

Posted by Yilan in Macedonia, Yunanistan.
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Macedonia and Greece under the mediation of UN envoy Matthew Nimetz will keep seeking ideas for the name row settlement that should not bring harm to neither Greece nor Macedonia and its citizens, who are to make the final decision on the matter via referendum, Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski told reporters on Wednesday at the end of SEECP Summit in Istanbul.

Commenting his brief meeting earlier today with Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou, Gruevski expressed belief that Athens had finally understood that Macedonia wished for the name row settlement.

Papandreou said in his address that the Prime Ministers of both countries wished for a solution, which is a good sign, Gruevski told reporters.

About expectations for new proposal from Nimetz, Gruevski said the mediator had frequent consultations with both parties and most probably sought for a solution he considered would not be refused. However, I cannot make any predictions, he added.

Gruevski considers that the meetings of Macedonian and Greek Heads of Government are useful, increasing the chances for finding some solution to the dispute.

– They also contribute to improving the relations between the two countries. When the atmosphere is better it is easier to come to a solution, Gruevski said.

Previous Gruevski-Papandreou meeting was held in Brussels on June 17. Their talks thus far have been assessed as useful in a bid to boost trust and understanding between both sides, but failed to activate any progress in settling the bilateral name dispute.



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