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MINA Contributor gets Bulgarian Passport for 120 Euros June 27, 2010

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For the purpose of our contributor keeping his recently obtained Bulgarian passport, we will not release his name, therefore we will call him Mr. X.

Mr. X informed us back in January of 2010 that he has began a ‘process’ to obtain a Bulgarian passport. Approximately 10 days ago, Mr X obtained his Bulgarian citizenship and passport. The whole ‘process’ stunned Mr X and us, so we will share with you what you need to do to obtain a Bulgarian passport.

MINA: First off, lets move to the obvious question, why did you ask for a Bulgarian passport?

Mr X: I was intrigued when two of my friends applied for a Bulgarian passports and received it. I know both very well, we grew up together. Neither has anything to do with Bulgaria, and both feel strong animosity towards it. Now they are both in Paris, both working.

MINA: They moved to Paris because Bulgarian passport allows you to…

MR X: Yes, you can move anywhere in the EU and work.

MINA: What did you do to get the process started?

Mr X: My friends gave me few phone numbers of attorneys from Sofia. I called three attorneys. At first I negotiated the pricing for their services. They all assured me that it would be very easy for me to obtain the citizenship. As for the pricing, it was an open market discussion. One started at 300 euros, by the time I got to the third attorney we were at 120 Euros. We settled at 120.

MINA: You paid 120 euros for the process? That was it?

Mr X: Yes, that was it. Of course I paid additional 50 euros for all of the paperwork from the Bulgarian Government (laughs).

MINA: Don’t you need to prove you have Bulgarian roots to obtain the citizenship?

Mr X: (Epletive) No. (Laughs). The paperwork produced was what in Macedonia would qualify as a “joke” and you will do at least 5 years hard labour. My attorney made a fake document from a remote Bulgarian village. The Document looked poorly done, like a copy. It scared me a bit. I was told this was my grandfather’s birth certificate. My grand father was born in Bitola, but according to my Bulgarian attorney, he was born in ******, a small Bulgarian village.

MINA: So this is a fake document to prove your fake Bulgarian roots? The Bulgarian attorney can easily go to jail for this!

Mr X: I doubt it, I am talking about Bulgaria here. Besides, why would I care (laughs). It’s a business transaction. He gets money, I get a citizenship.

MINA: But it’s only 120 euros. It cost more to buy two large cans of decent feta cheese!

Mr X: According to my attorney, there are a lot of Macedonians, maybe not much now after the visa liberalization, Serbs, Moldavians and Turks who pay more than me. The Serbs pay close to a 1000 euros, depending on the attorney. But the Bulgarian Government is very eager to give passports to Macedonians. Remember the tragedy in Ohrid with the sinking of the Bulgarian tourists… Macedonians who watched from the beach were offered Bulgarian Passports within days because they called for help. 15 people were offered, three or four accepted.

MINA: I remember that. But let me get back to your ‘paperwork’. What you are explaining here is not just bizarre and illegal, I have no words to explain. You obtained your citizenship because of a fake birth certificate your attorney provided you with?

Mr X: That’s correct. Of course, I had to swear, sort of, that I had Bulgarian roots in the citizenship ceremony. I said “Sure”, I didn’t even think to give them a “Yes”. Process completed. I am still upset for the 120 Euros. I believed there would be more paperwork involved. One fake document is all it took. I could have brought the price down to 50 euros have I known that.

MINA: Congratulations on your new citizenship. What does your grand father say about this?

Mr X: (Laughs). First he thought I was joking when I told him where his new birth place was. Then he got angry. At the end he laughed and shook his head.

MINA: Do you ever go to Bulgaria?

Mr X: I don’t. I maintain a Po. Box in Kustendil. That’s where documentation from the Bulgarian Government arrives. My passport address says apartment this and that, but it’s just a PO Box, there is no apartment there.


Bulgaria has stirred numerous controversies in the EU with the way it awards citizenships. This new (old) revelations which MINA has been told about during the past three years from others are confirmed by our own and are set to put more pressure on the Bulgarian Government to clamp down on the way it issues citizenships. However, not much action is expected on this as the Bulgarian Government appointed a Minister without portfolio whose job seems to focus on “Who else wants a Bulgarian passport?”

So there you have it. If you do have 120 Euros and don’t need Nike shoes, why not obtain a Bulgarian citizenship? It’s not complicated.

Source: MINA


1. Aly - July 8, 2010

Please send me the telephone numbers of the lawyers

2. KARIM - July 20, 2010

fucking liar bull shit FUCK ALL

3. bulgaristan eğitim danışmanlığı - October 30, 2010

thank you for to share in topic

4. Kate - November 22, 2010

If it possible , send me please the contact information of that person ,who helped you to get the Bulgarian passport. Thank you.

5. M. Gharagozloo - January 15, 2011

Please could you send me the contact no of the lawyer or lawyers who provided you with the passport. This is very important. I need to get this passport for a friend of mine.

6. Philip - January 29, 2011

This story is a lie. First of all, people wait for many years for Bulgarian passport, even if they successfully proved their roots to the DABCH. Secondly, the experts in DABCH can tell a fake, especially a bad fake from an original. Bulgaria is not a Banana state.

7. A. Chan - March 1, 2011

lawyer number please!

8. A. Chan - March 1, 2011

Lawyer numbers please!!

9. klamer - March 10, 2011

Poor guy has been tricked!
Хe needs only his grandfather’s birth certificate(issued before 1944 by any Orthodox Church in Macedonia) as a proof for bulgarian origin

10. Olya - April 24, 2011

Send me the names and the phone numbers of these lawyers, please

11. Sybaris - May 2, 2011

Interested in one for my wife!

12. john - May 30, 2011

dear sir,
brief me about bulgarian passport.i want to buy it.i live in Nigeria.am john colins.i had writtens evralmtimes.john

13. Dimitar - December 18, 2011

Another anti Bulgarian bullshit. Complete fake story made by illiterate idiots.

14. Dany - December 24, 2011

Please could you send me the contact number and adress of the lawyer.

15. dean - January 29, 2012

what is the contact info for lawyers

16. stefan - February 24, 2012

do you have the phone or contact info of the attorneys

17. khan - June 9, 2012

thanku for this total bullshit story……have a nice life u prick

18. shariq - June 18, 2012

Please send the contact details of lawyer…..

19. Mina - August 1, 2012

hI, Please what is the LAWYER NUMBER PLEASE to help with Bulgarian Passport

20. ogunade muyiwa owolabi - August 10, 2012

Am a nigeria how can apply for the passport pls can u reply me back

21. jeton - August 30, 2012

Please send me the telephone numbers of the lawyers please

22. moon - September 3, 2012

all fucking bull shi guys

23. make - September 27, 2012

What a fukcing liar. If not, I hope you get deported back to your shit country, Bulgarian province of macedonia.

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