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Kosovo and Macedonia Deepen Diplomatic Ties June 28, 2010

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Representatives of the foreign ministries of Kosovo and Macedonia signed a protocol on Tuesday agreeing on cooperation in many fields, including exchange of knowledge and experience related to EU integration.

Kosovo’s Deputy Foreign Minister Vlora Citaku and her Macedonian counterpart Zoran Petrov expressed the countries’ willingness to find solutions for any issue affecting their relations.

Citaku said that Kosovo is dedicated to regional cooperation and has the good will to have good relations with Serbia too.

“We believe that the ICJ opinion will serve as a clear spark for Belgrade to understand that Kosovo’s independence is irreversible,” Citaku told journalists.

Petrov said that Serbia will understand the reality one day. “We should respect the internal situation. I think Serbia will change its stance towards Kosovo, but the question is when will it change,” Petrov said during the press conference.

Addressing recent reports of alleged mass graves in Macedonia that may contain the remains of civilian victims from the conflict in Kosovo, Petrov said that there is a need for evidence and that Macedonia is open to cooperating with Kosovo on this matter.

“At this moment we need official evidence and an official request by the Kosovo side and to organise official commissions to investigate the case,” Petrov said.

He added that Macedonia hopes to close this issue as soon as possible.



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