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Mike Rann cleared of Racism, now given green light to racially vilify Macedonians. July 2, 2010

Posted by Yilan in Australia, Macedonia.
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SOUTH Australian Premier Mike Rann has been cleared of racially vilifying the people of the Republic of Macedonia.

The Human Rights Commission found Mr Rann had no case to answer for claiming the Macedonian state was stealing Greek history and culture, an accusation the Premier made in a speech at a Greek festival in Adelaide last year. In the speech, Mr Rann also accused Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov of “stirring up trouble in a most dangerous way” with Greece.

The comments sparked a complaint to the HRC by South Australia’s Macedonian community but judge Catherine Branson ruled it to be “lacking in substance”.

Mr Rann said he abhorred racism and his criticisms were directed at the policies of the Ivanov government, not Macedonians.

“I stand on my record of racial and ethnic tolerance. I will not be intimidated by anyone from speaking forthrightly on behalf of historical truth,” Mr Rann said.



1. Alex Vlacios - July 2, 2010

What an IDIOT! What does he know of historical truth? Does he even know where Macedonia is? Has he ever been there to know what he’s talking about? The only one stirring up trouble is you Mr. IDIOT Rann with your uninformed Greek propaganda inspired rant. Obviously you must be sleeping with a Greek and getting it up the ass. You should shut your stupid mouth and focus on the issues of SOUTH Australia.

Great Alexander - August 8, 2010

I agree. You take it up the ass Alex(andros). Since YOU have been to Macedonia then you can tell me where the capital Pella of the real Macedonia falls. Have ever been? I don’t think so. And even if you do go you will not be able to appreciate the history because YOU are a SLAV and not a real Macedonian. A real Macedonian would be proud to call himself Alexandros, Philip, Olympia etc ..all Greek names. MALAKA.

Leonard Susskind - August 9, 2010

You’re not only a paranoid Greek sponsored propagandist but also a coward hiding behind the name of a Great Macedonian leader. Mr. Vlacios is right, Mr. Rann should concern himself with South Australian issues and not leaned credence to a country that is guilty of atrocities against the Macedonian people on par with that committed against Jewish people by the Nazis. Blessings to Macedonia, God’s chosen country.

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