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Bulgarian nationalist spread propaganda regarding Macedonians in Albania. July 5, 2010

Posted by Yilan in Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia.
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Bulgarians in Korce, Albania, take classes in Macedonian language since the turn of the 2009-2010 school year”, said Kostadin Kostadinov, deputy chair of VMRO.
“In the beginning of this school year, courses in Macedonian language were launched for the first time in Korce, as there is an environment for Macedonism in Albania. In case we do not do anything, we can imagine what will happen later, if they decide to go to Tirana or Elbasan. What’s most important is that there is no minister without portfolio for Macedonians abroad, there are only ministry of emigrants, which has been functioning for the last 20 years and is extremely active. There is no problem with money and they has never been such in contrast to the situation in Bulgaria. It is a matter of priorities,” Kostadin Kostadinov said.
In Kostadinov’s words, great part of the Bulgarians in Albania leaves their hometowns and go to live in Korce, Tirana.

Bulgaria has for many years now tried to spread propaganda by labeling Macedonians as Bulgarians in Albania.



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