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Ethnic Turkish Leader: DPS Is Bulgaria’s Pillar July 6, 2010

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Ethnic Turkish Leader: DPS Is Bulgaria's Pillar: Ethnic Turkish Leader: DPS Is Bulgaria's Pillar
DPS leader, Ahmed Dogan, addressing supporters in the town of Dzhebel, on the occasion of the 21st anniversary of the peaceful rally of local ethnic Turks against the former Communist regime’s assimilation campaign.

Bulgaria cannot be ruled without the ethnic Turkish party Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS), party leader, Ahmed Dogan, declared during a rare and surprising public appearance Wednesday.

Dogan visited the southern Bulgarian town of Dzhebel to participate in a meeting dedicated to 21st anniversary of the peaceful rally of the Dzhebel ethnic Turks when they demanded the reinstatement of their native Muslim names replaced during the assimilation campaign of the former Communist regime known as the Revival Process. May 19 is the town’s official day.

Dogan declared before the crowd that DPS is the most experienced party in the country; Bulgaria’s warrant for entering Europe as equal citizens; the foundation of the nation’s security while its local representatives are the country’s pillars, adding that those who dare to touch rights and freedoms should realize they are violating basic democracy principles.

“In the last eight years we learned to rule the country and rule seriously. What happened is that they are fine without us, but better with us, because our people who understand political power are constantly pushing the new rulers to solve major issues – new jobs, new roads, infrastructure. And they realized a profound truth – without DPS the country is lost. No one, regardless of their muscles and demonstrations of strength can think they can take away our rights and freedoms,” the leader told his supporters.

Dogan further appealed for unity, which is needed the most now, compared to all 20 years of the Transition Period, adding DPS is often hated because no one likes those who achieve and move ahead of their time. The hate is actually a positive assessment of the DPS good deeds, according to the party leader.

Dogan has been avoiding lately the public spotlight and offering statements, with the last one made in December 2009 at the party’s national conference. He has been reported to have been in a great mood his Dzhebel appearance.



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