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Bulgaria claiming Macedonians in Albania as Bulgarian. July 12, 2010

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Macedonia spares no efforts and resources for Bulgarians in Albania to be clearly determined as Macedonians: Georgi Stamenov

There is extremely enforced propaganda by the power in Skopje to determine everyone as Macedonian. Macedonia spares no efforts and resources to determine Bulgarians in Albania as Macedonians. They carry out complete policy in that direction. We missed very much favorable moments to require clear and precise definition from the official authorities about the Bulgarian nationality there. This is what chairman of the Culture Educational Association Ognishte Georgi Stamenov commenting Bulgarians in Albania and Kosovo.
According to Stamenov long ago there had to be active policy of the Bulgarian state to the Bulgarian minority in Albania. “So far we should ask not once the official Bulgarian government for regulation of the Bulgarian minority in Albania” Stamenov said.
He noted that the Bulgarians in Albania are officially around 60,000 to 70,000 people, but they are much more – at least 170,000 people.
“The government must take the most responsible attitude in relation to this crime against our nation – the Macedonianism. This is the most national apostasy act in world history. Now things are associated with clear and precise definition of genocide as an absolute Macedonianism to the Bulgarian people,” Stamenov said.


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