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Greece seeks explanations from Turkey over naval research vessel in Aegean Sea July 13, 2010

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Greece says it has asked Turkey to explain the presence of a Turkish naval research ship in the northern Aegean Sea.

A Foreign Ministry statement released Wednesday says the Cesme hydrographic and oceanographic vessel is outside Greek waters, between Thrace and the island of Samothraki.

But it says the ship is within Greece’s continental shelf, the stretch of the seabed where Athens claims the rights for exploration and exploitation of potential mineral and fossil fuel deposits.

A Greek naval vessel is monitoring the Cesme, which issued signals that it is undertaking marine research.

Uneasy NATO allies Greece and Turkey came close to war three times between 1974 and 1996 — once over a Turkish research vessel in the Aegean.



1. Len Rome - September 5, 2011

Turkey iintends to replace Iran as the dominant military/naval power in the Middle East. To that end it is withdrawing from more than a dozen years of close ties with Israel, including defense cooperation. With China entering the Mediterranean arena, befriending both Iraq and Iran and avoiding involvement in the Arab moves to a modified democracy, Turkey intends to replace the failing extraordinadily costly US involvement in the area. The friction between India and Pakistan is clearly seen by Turkey as advantage, since the military of both countries is designed in oppositional format.
Grece is weak economically and its naval forces and air forces need substantial repair, upgrading and resupply. The new warm alliance between Greece and Israel plainly demonstrates this.
Turkey’s refusal to permit NATO ships passage through the Black Sea, coupled with its close examination of the Greek Aegean seabed for submarine use and its stated intent to sail strong Turkish elements throughout the Mediterranean sea are plain indications of its posture and intent.

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