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Up to now Bulgaria has made 2 propaganda actions for Macedonians in Albania July 20, 2010

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Up to now, Bulgaria has made two propaganda actions for Macedonians in Albania, Spas Tashev, experts in demography and ethnic issues.
Tashev reminded that one of these two actions was made at the initiative of former Bulgarian president Zhelyo Zhelev in 1991-1992, while the second – during the office of former president Petar Stoyanov.
“We have made two humanitarian actions to aid this population. Bulgaria has been supporting the organizations of the Bulgarians there, there are several courses in Bulgarian language, as some of the teachers there have graduated in Bulgaria. Over the last 20 years, since 1990 till now, under 103rd decree of the Council of Ministers Bulgarian students from Albania come to study here. Thus, under 103rd decree, we have recognition of the Bulgarian community in Albania,” Tashev remarked.
However, Tashev added that with regard to the other propaganda actions made among this population, what Bulgaria does as aid is not enough and there is a need for this issue to be examined at a higher level.
“Speaking about people’s attitude towards Bulgaria, there is huge interest in obtaining Bulgarian citizenship. However, this issue has not always met with understanding. I was a deputy chairperson of the State Agency for Bulgarians Abroad from 1998 till 2003 and I have seen how the attitude of people on high positions in the state has been changing. We have always aimed at organizing an information campaign. There is a need to have some succession when it comes to the issue of nationality in Bulgaria – i.e. there should be some succession one issues that are of national interest no matter which party is in power, as this is the only guarantee for success,”



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