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EU Makes a Strong Case why Macedonia should Stay Away August 2, 2010

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Greece collapsed economically, terrorists are roaming from Athens to Solun killing journalists and politicians at any location they please, including their homes. Citizens are on 24/7 nation-wide strikes and gasoline outages makes Greece look like Somalia (apology to Somalia, I understand it’s easy to get gasoline there). The latest out of Athens is that the army is patrolling gas stations?

Last week, Spain’s unemployment hit 20%, and it is expected to collapse just like Greece. Ireland, Hungary, Portugal all claim to be on the verge of becoming ‘hellenized’, economically of course. All of the above mentioned strugglers are part of the EU. France and Germany don’t struggle (yet) because they control EU’s financials.

Greece’s population are voicing their displeasure against all of their Government ‘austerity’ measures. People will see their pensions slashed, salaries reduced, taxes hiked, longer work hours, and cannot retire early as they used to. By 2018, the retirement age is expected to hit 75. Why all this in Greece? Because it was ordered to do so by the EU. Hell, the EU ordered Greece to start issuing receipts to customers after they purchase an item. Receipts and taxes were both foreign terms until few weeks ago.

Macedonia is negotiating an entrance in the EU, but needs to change the name because Greece wants us to.
Is there anyone sane at the EU who believes Greece wants to settle the name issue? What negotiations, what UN, what EU? Greece can’t find itself on a map, because they can’t afford one, and if they could afford one, won’t be able to get to an Atlas store without the Army helping them get to a gas station. Their journalists and policemen are shot at and killed, their Government has yet to explain to its people they need to pay taxes, and we, the Macedonians, are negotiation with Greece to enter the EU? Wouldn’t this qualify for madness?

The EU claims “We don’t want to import problems inside the Union”. Really? Is the EU aware that Greece is a member of their Union, which by virtue means the EU already has problems? Is the EU aware that Greece has been in turmoil because they can’t accept basic European laws?
While Macedonia has already accepted/passed EU laws (without people getting murdered), it’s still not good enough because the country is outside of the Union, but for Greece is all right not to accept European standards, because they are already in the Union?

The conclusion is obvious. Macedonia doesn’t have a competent (sane) side to negotiate with. It would be better and more realistic for the UN to take over negotiations from Greece, or cut off all negotiations because this is leading nowhere. Greece has not yet developed as a country. It needs few decades of maturity in every aspect (economics, social, moral, historical…) to consider itself a country.

Lastly, the Macedonian Government should be more aware of Bulgaria than Greece. While Greece has become certifiably dangerous to themselves and the countries around them, Bulgaria on the other hand may outgrease Greece.

Sofia at the moment is quiet and causes no ‘problems’ to Macedonia in its EU integration because Greece is taking care of this for them. Hypothetically, lets say Greece is not a problem, Bulgaria will create a million Spaska Mitreva cases, as a prevention to any EU integration. The San Stefano dream (which in fact was a Russian plan), is more alive in Sofia today than ever before.



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