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Macedonian Tourists’ Cars Vandalized in Greece August 4, 2010

Posted by Yilan in Macedonia, Yunanistan.
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“Greece or nothing,” “Macedonia is Greek,” are some of the insults that Macedonian tourists found on their cars in the second finger of the Halkidiki peninsula.  Pictures show the car from the general manager of Hypo Adria Leasing Macedonia, Oliver Zintl, although Austrian, because of the Macedonian registration plates on his car, his vacation was ruined.

“With green spray they wrote “Macedonia is Greek” and some symbols.  Nazi symbols, which are now on my car.  It is a disaster.  I am really frustrated.  For me as an Austrian, this is really incomprehensible that people are really capable of something like this. I do not believe, I cannot understand” said Zintl for Kanal 5 TV.

 “Garbage bins and walls near the apartments where Macedonian tourists were staying were also vandalized.  Perhaps it is an extremist group.  Local residents have helped shocked Macedonian tourists” explained journalist Philip Nacovski.

“A Greek man saw me and we called the police.  They arrived two hours later because there were more of these markings on other places and they have been inspecting such, so the policeman told me.  I was advised to come in the nearest police station and to request he get paid for the damage or remove the markings with gasoline myself” said Nacovski, whose Reno car was vandalized as well.

 The Macedonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not have concrete information on the situation, although have received many photos of previously damaged vehicles of Macedonian tourists traveling to Greece.  The Ministry issued a public notice calling on everyone affected by this vandalism to report this to the Macedonian Consulate in Greece or to the Ministry directly.  Such acts will be assessed by the Ministry and declared shameful to good neighborly relations between both countries.

 The Macedonian tourists in Greece are managing to remove the vandalism by themselves with gasoline, which in Greece today is a precious commodity due to the strikes by Greek labor unions.



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