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Striving for Great Albania through sex August 23, 2010

Posted by Yilan in Albania, Macedonia, Serbia.
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Serbian special services disclosed a plan for the establishment of Great Albania by boosting Albanian population through marriages.
Serbian security services are saying that after mastering Kosovo, the Albanians are now sending young women to marry old bachelors in the villages in South Serbia /Raska, Vranja, Bojanovac, Surdulica and others/, as well as in Western Macedonia.
According to Serbian services, the matter in point concerns a strategy for further expansion of the Albanian ethnic community.
“Young Albanian women, most of them from the Skadar region /at the Albanian-Montenegrin border/, get in touch with lonely Serbian men, 10 to 20 years older than them, using match-making agencies. Girls’ parents approve the candidates if they own enough land and if there are no other heirs in man’s family. This way it is sure that the Albanian bride will live longer than her husband and will inherit his property. After husband’s death it’s time for Albanian relatives to come and settle in the region.
According to Serbian services, the ‘plan’ is running full blast in Raska, which is neighboring Kosovo. The security services believe that this is a well-plotted tendency, as all the kids born in these marriages are raised according to the Albanian customs and traditions.
There is identical process underway in Western Macedonia but it is not as strong as in Serbia.
Vecer cites Albanian Skip daily, which writes that around 8,000 Serbs have already visited Albania looking for future brides.
Some 86 marriages between elder Serbs and young Albanians have been registered in Serbia so far.



1. Shendeti - September 24, 2010

I love it this map!

2. Ramirez - May 27, 2012

haha funny serbians, lying their frikking ass off :p

3. marko - April 30, 2013

fuck offf spitarske picke

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