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Turkey supports Macedonia for European Atlantic groups bid September 28, 2010

Posted by Yilan in Macedonia, Turkey.
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Turkish Parliament Speaker Mehmet Ali Sahin met with Macedonia’s Parliament Speaker Trajko Veljanoski in Ankara on Tuesday.

At their meeting, Sahin said that peoples of the two countries had historical and deep-rooted ties.

He said Turkey was in favor of Macedonia’s integration into European Atlantic groups, adding that such integration was very important for stability in the Balkans.

Sahin also said that 4 percent of Macedonian population was of Turkish descent, however, he said only 1.6 percent of those people were employed by Macedonian public institutions.

“I hope it would change positively in the future,” he said.

Sahin also voiced complaints of Turkish businessmen about trade regulations in this country and asked Veljanoski to take steps on the matter.

Visiting parliament speaker Veljanoski, on his part, said that his country could not become a NATO member because of Greek stonewalling and thanked Turkey for its support in Macedonia’s NATO bid. He said he believed Macedonia would become a member of both NATO and EU one day.

Veljanoski also said Macedonian government welcomed all Turkish investments, adding Turkey achieved a great economic success during the global downturn.



1. Alex Valasos - September 28, 2010

I wish my Greek government had as much brains, instead of being a paranoid control freak insisting of falsehoods that the whole world can see in denying a sovereign nation its rightful heritage.
They world is looking at us as spoiled brats, babies, stupid, idiots. I’m so embarrassed to admit to anyone that I’m descended from a corrupt country.

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