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Albanians top 2010 list of illegals arrested in Greece February 2, 2011

Posted by Yilan in Albania, Yunanistan.

Albanians topped the list of arrested illegal immigrants in Greece last year, accounting for more than one-third of the total, followed by Afghans and Pakistanis, Greek police said Wednesday.

At more than 50,000, Albanians easily outnumbered the rest on the list of some 132,500 illegal immigrants arrested in 2010, according to official figures released by the police.

Afghans came in second, accounting for nearly 28,300 people arrested followed by Pakistanis, at 8,830.

Most of the arrests took place in border areas, notably on Greece’s frontier with Turkey where more than 47,000 people were intercepted — and where European Union border guards have been deployed since November.

Greece’s border with Albania ranked second in the area where the greatest number of arrests took place in 2010.

Not surprisingly, Albanians also topped the expulsions list, with nearly 48,180 deported last year out of some 52,470 in total.

Police also arrested 1,150 people accused of smuggling illegal immigrants last year, a drop from the more than 1,700 arrested in 2009.

Greece has been overwhelmed by the influx of migrants crossing from Turkey, and is struggling with a backlog of 47,000 asylum applicants, with many awaiting approval for years under conditions that have drawn the ire of rights campaigners.



1. Leves D - August 14, 2014

What did you expect? Albanians have a genetic disposition to crime. They are born and die criminals.

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