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Turkish minister vows no deviation from country’s EU goal February 2, 2011

Posted by Yilan in EU, European Union, Turkey.

Turkey’s state minister and EU chief negotiator said Wednesday that Turkey had no intention of deviating from Turkey’s goal of acceding to the European Union.

Egemen Bağış said that as a government that had opened negotiations with the EU on 13 chapters, the government had no concerns or reservations about the membership process.

“We are still determined, and we do not have any deviation from our EU target,” Bağış said at a press conference in Ankara.

Bağış said he had attended a ceremony to commemorate the victims of the Holocaust at the Auschwitz and Birkenau concentration camps in Poland on Tuesday and that Turkey would always raise its voice against inhuman approaches and practices like Auschwitz and continue to call for peace, tolerance and dialogue.

The minister said the EU was the most important peace project in the history of humanity and defined the EU as a union of values established as an economic union in order to prevent wars by European nations which had fought with each other for centuries before then turning into a political union.

“Unfortunately, today we can witness that racist mentalities that take the fascist methods of the 1930s as a model are trying to besiege the EU,” he said.

Bağış said Turkey’s EU membership would be a symbol and example showing that differences could co-exist and humanity could unite around common values.

Turkey is organizing different events to promote itself within the EU, Bağış said.

The minister said Turkey’s contributions to Europe’s energy security could not be ignored, and Turkey was also an important country for the security of EU societies as the Turkish military was one of the most dynamic, well-equipped and largest armies within the EU zone.

Bağış said EU societies had objected to Turkey’s membership because it was a large, poor and Muslim country but added that Turkey’s dimensions were an advantage for Europe because the continent now needed bigger markets today.

The minister said the income per capita in Turkey was increasing more rapidly than other European countries and added that Turkey had become a perfect center for the EU and Western civilizations to communicate with cultures, societies and belief groups in the East.

“We are telling the Europeans that we are not patient enough to wait for 50 more years,” he said.

Bağış said the adoption of the Turkish commerce code and debts law was important for opening negotiations with the EU on five chapters.

The EU will need Turkey more and more each passing day, Bağış said.



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