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Macedonian president accuses Greek nationalists April 20, 2011

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Macedonian President Gjeorge Ivanov says the stability of southeastern Europe is of broader importance and that it is time for Europe to unite.

In an interview to Magyar Hirlap ahead of his three-day visit to Hungary, Ivanov said the Danube countries will be the first to feel the impact of the stability in the Balkans, and that is why they are advocating EU enlargement.

The time has come for political and economic unification of Europe, pointed out President Ivanov, who will meet with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and other top officials of the country which is currently presiding the EU, Hungarian agency MTI reported.

In the interview, Ivanov spoke out against “Greek nationalists who want Macedonia to change its constitutional name”.

The dispute between Skopje and Athens over the name of Macedonia will certainly be on the agenda in the meetings with Hungarian officials.

The Greeks claims that the name the Republic of Macedonia shows Skopje’s territorial pretensions, as this has been the name of a northern Greek province since ancient times. Greece has blocked Skopje from joining NATO and from starting EU accession talks despite having been a membership candidate since 2005.



1. Omar Taze - April 21, 2011

And the modern northern Greek province was Macedonian since ancient times, not Greek. It more of the cultural delusion perpetrated by a paranoid government. Oh, they’re going to take away our occupied territories. Please! What a punch of sniveling cry babies and are seen as nothing more. If only the Greek government put half as much effort in their economy as they do with infringing on the rights of sovereign countries they’d be on par with the likes of Germany. Free Cyprus!

2. Growing nationalism in Europe and abandonment of multiculturalism - July 24, 2011

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