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Macedonian Group Demands Resignation Of Liberal MP Jim Karygiannis April 21, 2011

Posted by Yilan in Canada, Macedonia.
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Liberal MP Jim Karygiannis spewed out more anti-Macedonian hate speech, caught on video, at a lecture titled “Insight to Hellenism” at the University of Toronto on March 5, 2011. While praising the lecture, which glorified Greece’s policy of denying the existence and persecution of its large Macedonian minority and which defended Greece’s bombing of Macedonian civilians during Greece’s Civil War, Karygiannis once again referred to Macedonians as “Skopjans”. This is a term used by Greece to negate the ethnic identity of Macedonians and evokes Greece’s horrific campaigns, past and present, at ethnically cleansing or forcibly assimilating its large Macedonian minority.

Karygiannis encouraged one of the guest speakers, Christos Karatzios, to send a letter to Canadian MPs and to “… come and enlighten the rest of my colleagues on what is Greece…” . He accused Prime Minister Harper of “selling out” Greek-Canadians because of the Conservative Party’s recognition of Macedonia.

But will the Liberal Party reprimand him?

Karygiannis referred to Macedonians as “Skopjans” in an interview for the Globe and Mail on September 21, 2007, following Canada’s recognition of the Republic of Macedonia. Canadian-Macedonians were outraged and flooded the Liberal Party with demands that Karygiannis be reprimanded. The Liberal Party ignored the issue and instead chose to attack the Conservative Party’s recognition of Macedonia, pandering to the Greek-Canadian community.

Ironically, the Liberal Party and their apologists consistently accuse the Conservative Party of the underhanded tactics that Liberals employ. The federal and provincial Conservatives have come under recent attack for targeting ethnic voters and for ties to banned separatist groups. However, pandering to ethnic communities is a Liberal specialty and it is Jim Karygiannis who has notorious ties to the Tamil Tigers, classified by the Canadian government as a terrorist organization. Paradoxically, Karygiannis is an Associate Member of the House of Commons’ Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights.

Macedonian Human Rights Movement International (MHRMI) calls on Canadian politicians, regardless of party affiliation, to demand Jim Karygiannis’ immediate resignation. We ask that concerned Canadians do the same via the contact information below. Jim Karygiannis’ continued presence in Parliament is an affront to traditional Canadian values.


1. Παύλος Βοσκός - April 23, 2011

You are full of ****. Macedonia was, is and will always be part of Greece. Accept it, live with it and find yourselves a life!

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