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Macedonian road signs in Macedonian part of Albania. April 26, 2011

Posted by Yilan in Albania, Macedonia.
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Two weeks before local elections of 8th May, the municipality of Pustec is filed with signs with names of streets and squares in Macedonian language. Municipalities that once had the name Liqenas has included also the municipal officials of Gazi Baba of Macedonia, while campaigning for the official candidate of the governing coalition led by the DP, Edmond Temelko, who holds the post of president of the Alliance Party of Macedonians for European Integration.

In Skopje, the Macedonian media have promoted such a project, adding that it was a donation to the municipality of Gazi Baba, Skopje.

The daily Gazeta Shqiptare discovers that road signs are in two languages​​, Albanian and Macedonian, two are in Latin and one in Cyrillic alphabet. Institutions and road signs in the Macedonian language in 9 villages of the commune, named Pustec, in the Prefecture of Korca was settled on April 14th where present was also the Mayor of Gazi Baba, Toni Trajkovski, Teodor Petrov, President of the World Macedonian Congress and Tashko Ivanov, chairman of the Association of Aegean Macedonians.



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