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Macedonia Sends Protest Letter to Athens over Ambassador Treatment May 14, 2011

Posted by Yilan in Macedonia, Yunanistan.
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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) presented Greek Ambassador Alexandra Papadopoulou Wednesday with a protest note over the state’s treatment of Macedonian diplomats in Greece.

The note follows yesterday’s information that Macedonian General Consul in Solun, Tomislav Dimitrovski was stopped by the Greek police for an alleged traffic misdemeanor.

In a written statement following the MoFA meeting, Ambassador Papadopoulou says Dimitrovski violated several Greek traffic laws.

“The police let him go after a routine check-up. Dimitrovski did not even leave the car. I believe these incidents should not be given political connotation and used for creation of political tensions. Greece works towards good relations between the two countries at all levels”, says Papadopulou.

Media reported that the incident occurred on a Solun highway, when Dimitrovski passed through a yellow traffic light, as claimed by the Greek police. The Macedonian diplomatic vehicle was then chased by police cars and motorbikes. When stopped, the consul was surrounded by armed policemen who proceeded to arrest him, vhich is a violation of the Vienna convention in regards to diplomats in a foreign country. Following 45 minutes of tense atmosphere, Dimitrovski managed to contact a Greek MoFA official, who intervened. The police fined Dimitrovski and afterwards let him go.

The fine itself is a violation as diplomats in a foreign country enjoy immunity, unless you are a Macedonian diplomat in Greece.



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