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Macedonian election news: June 5th, the passing of the SDSM May 25, 2011

Posted by Yilan in Macedonia.
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The SDSM is on its death bed, counting the remaining days of its rich and somewhat painful existence.
If the Communist Party of Macedonia (KPM) for decades was busy removing Macedonian patriots who were interested in seeing their country independent, in two weeks the KPM aka SDSM will mark its own passing, fading away into the sunset, by giving out lokum and coffee to Macedonian voters. Typically, both treats are offered when someone passes away.

It is, in many ways sad, but also expected that the SDSM as a party died because of a single individual who has been at the forefront of the party since Communist days. The very same individual almost brought death to an entire nation – changed the country’s name and flag overnight, closed two dozen factories, reduced salaries by 50% , retirees received 11 instead of 12 checks annually, unemployment went from 4% to 34%, stole $60 million from people’s savings accounts (TAT)… The list is endless. This great man and overachiever is Branko Crvenkovski.

I often feel stunned by Crvenkovski’s accomplishments. All are extremely negative for the nation, people, his own party, none the less they are still accomplishments.
Just the other day, at one of their campaigns Crvenkovski stated “We have built all the roads!”. I later realized he was talking about post 1945! Branko built the Macedonian roads as an unborn child in Saraevo. His student and PM candidate Radmila Sekerinska went further and promised “We will not steal anymore” essentially admitting they were stealing before. This brings up a serious question and concern I have for both: “why are they drunk on stage?”

Even Britney Spears vowed to not show up drunk on stage. But not our Branko. He has been going at it strong, since 1991. The slurred speeches, confusion, fist pumps, claiming to have built roads when he wasn’t born.. Sadly, Branko is just like a Ferarri, consumes more as he gets older.

Currently, we have a PM, Nikola Gruevski, who is being received by foreign nations with Macedonian flags flying high on bridges, highways (something normally reserved for US,UK). Then again who can forget Crvenkovski during his visit to Turkey in 2003, one of his rare outings out of Macedonia, the biggest Turkish daily Hürriyet dedicated a whole page to his downing of almost 2 bottles of Whisky and eating 5 main entrees. The waiters were in shock a human can eat and drink so much. Who needs Pandev when you have Branko to bring the much needed publicity for Macedonia.

No Business would donate to SDSM’s campaign
Although all of Macedonia’s current oligarchs were created during SDSM’s reign, it seems not a single one of them would donate to Crvenkovski’s bid for the upcoming elections.

As reported in Skopje’s City Journal #66 on May 12, 2011, Branko Crvenkovsi, a retired ex president and leader of SDSM has received a loan amounting to 6 million euros from Komercijalna Banka. As an insurance for the loan Crvenkovski signed away SDSM’s headquarters in the posh neighborhood of Vodno.

Just like that, signed away something that didn’t belong to him (he signed our name away). He is getting very good at signing things away.
Few things are happening here:
1.    Crvenkovski is treating the SDSM members and physical property as his own personal property.
2.    Bank Loan to finance campaign means Crvenkovski’s oligarchs are no longer with him nor do they believe he has a chance of winning the elections.
3.    Everyone in the SDSM is powerless, Crvenkovski controls the finances and has a final say on all matters.
4.    Komercijalna Banka issued a 6 million euro loan to a political party with zero chance of repaying the loan back considering the fact very few SDSM members pay their membership fees.
5.    Crvenkovski is financing A1, A2 TV, Vreme and the rest of the Ramkovski’s newspapers now that Ramkovski’s accounts are frozen.

What will come out of all this? The SDSM will lose the elections. Its membership will be in agony at least 4 more years.

Ironically, the VMRO was in similar situation in 2002 when the party decided to replace its leader Ljupco Georgievski. The man became a threat to himself, the party, the country and was swiftly replaced in the simplest way possible (VMRO delegates voted in favor of replacing their party chief).

Will the SDSM members have the courage to do something their rivals did almost a decade ago? Facing the fact SDSM delegates haven’t been allowed to vote on anything in 20 years, Crvenkovski may remain their leader and condemn the main opposition party for a long time to come.



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