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Turkish Cypriot FM slams Greek Cypriot stance on island May 28, 2011

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Greek Cypriots will only be the neighbors – and not the partners – of Turkish Cypriots as long as they continue to display the same stance on the Cyprus issue, the foreign minister in the island’s north said Wednesday.

“By preserving our good intentions and showing possible flexibility, we will continue to participate in negotiations for a comprehensive solution,” Turkish Cypriot Foreign Minister Huseyin Özgürgün said at a conference in Turkey’s southern province of Adana. “If Greek Cypriots keep displaying their current stance, they will not become our partners, but they will remain as our neighbors. Turkish Cyprus is the guarantee of our independence and rights on the island.”

Özgürgün said using the Cyprus issue as an obstacle on Turkey’s road to European Union membership was unfair.

Pointing to the compromises requested from the Turkish Cypriot side for the solution to the island’s conflict, Özgürgün said, “The continuation of the [guarantor status] system is of vital importance for Turkish Cypriots. The Turkish side will never approve a comprehensive agreement that does not envisage Turkey’s active guarantor [status].”

Özgürgün said Turkish Cypriots wanted a new partnership based on the political equality of two nations, the equal status of two founding states, a bizonal structure and a continuation of Turkey’s role as an active guarantor state.



1. Martin Palmer - May 29, 2011

Its only a matter of time. Once Greece is thrown out of the EU for its corrupt economic recovery failures and out of NATO for its weak contribution so will their paranoid delusional propaganda. Then a new chapter to the prosperity of the EU and the strengthening of NATO can begin and Greece can be relegated to the ruins of the ancient world where they belong.

2. t - March 26, 2012

i have never witnessed such biased and discusting behaviour as i have seen here, educate yourselves turkish cypriot brothers, renounce the turkish puppet state, renounce oppression, you are the rightful inhabitants of the island alongside the greek cypriots, for we are CYPRIOTS not anything else. come to ledra and OCCUPY BUFFER ZONE!

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