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Droutsas Extends a Helping Hand to Crvenkovski June 3, 2011

Posted by Yilan in Macedonia, Yunanistan.
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It wouldn’t be realistic to expect non involvment of Greece into Macedonia’s elections, however, it is prudent to say, Athens’ involvment and meddling in Macedonia’s internal affairs has been reduced to a minimum in the last several years.

Still, Greece’s FM Dimitris Droutsas felt the need to extend a helping hand to his spokesman in Macedonia, Branko Crvenkovski. In an interview with a local Athens paper, Droutsas announced that “Skopje has changed their tone in the name negotiations”, even though there hasn’t been any negotiations in months with Macedonia suing Greece at the ICJ.

Droutsas attempted to directly influence the elections by practically implying the ruling government as ‘soft’…

The ruling coalition shot their statement from a cannon, stating “Everyone knows who changed the name and which party receives help from Athens”. Other ruling politicians were not so polite, calling Crvenkovski “parasite” and “savage, sinking so low to call the Greeks for help”. Others used even harsher words that simply can not be translated into English.

A1 TV did not shy away from all this, of course, and posted a story that there have been ‘secret name negotiations’ citing a 5 month old article from a Greek paper called “Macedonia” with zero readership. The same story A1 posted three years ago few days before the previous elections.

MINA, surprised by SDSM (read Branko’s) choice to nominate Radmila Sekerinska for PM reached out to ask her about her work as Vice President for “Socialist International”, world’s largest organization and network for socialist politicians. MINA did not get a respond to emails asking what qualified Mrs. Sekerinska for such prestigious role when she is practically out of politics and holds no function at the SDSM. Did it help her the fact that Greece’s Prime Minister George Papandreou is the president of “Socialist International”? Radmila is Papandreou’s right hand at Socialist International!


1. Bob - June 8, 2011

I wish they’d just call the country New Macedonia and be done with it. The region is historically part of Macedonia. The people aren’t Macedonian, they’re Slavs. So — New Macedonia.

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