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Macedonians more optimistic than EU Citizens September 3, 2012

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Sixty four percent of the citizens of Macedonia are satisfied with their present life in general, reads the latest Eurobarometer survey, carried out at the European Commission’s request.

The report presents the first results of the Standard Eurobarometer 77, which was carried out between 12 and 27 May 2012, in the 27 EU member states, the six candidate countries (Croatia, Macedonia, Turkey, Iceland, Montenegro and Serbia), and the Turkish Cypriot Community in the part of the country that is not controlled by the government of the Republic of Cyprus.

This report focuses on the results obtained in the 27 EU Member States and is divided into five main parts. The first part analyses how Europeans perceive the current economic situation, while the second looks at the main concerns of Europeans and their expectations for the next twelve months. The report then considers how respondents view political institutions: national governments and parliaments, and the EU and its institutions. The fourth part is devoted to the euro and the issues raised by the crisis. Finally, the fifth part examines the way in which Europeans perceive the various initiatives of the Europe 2020 strategy and whether they think that the European Union is going in the right direction to emerge from the crisis.

In all parameters Macedonia’s results are better than the ones of the South-East European countries. In over half of them it has also scored better results than the ones of EU members.

Macedonia’s Government has been enjoying the highest support in comparison to the cabinets of the countries in the region and after six years in office has been more favored than governments of 15 EU members. In general, more optimistic attitude has been expressed only by the Scandinavians, Austrians and citizens of the Benelux countries, while the public trust in the governments of Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Greece, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Britain, Croatia, Island … is at a lower level.

The report says that over half of the citizens of Macedonia (53%) are satisfied with their household financial situation, which is a higher percentage than the one in about ten EU member, candidate or aspirant countries, including Greeks (21%); Spaniards (49%); Italians (48%); Hungarians (26%); Romanians (40%); Croatians (48%); Turks (51%); Montenegrin (31%); Serbs (29%)…

In regard to the expectations for the next twelve months, 35% of the citizens of Macedonia believe their life will improve in the upcoming period. Only 23% of the EU citizens share the same view.  25 and 32 percent of Macedonian citizens expect an improvement of their economic and financial satiation respectively in the next year against 18% of the EU citizens.

The economic situation and unemployment still remain the main concerns of the EU and the citizens of Macedonia.

The Eurobarometer survey interviewed over 1,000 respondents from each country.



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