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Golden Dawn invites men to join security brigades in Peloponnese September 5, 2012

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A branch of Golden Dawn (Chrysi Avgi), in the Greek southern Peloponnese, is considering establishing a security brigade in a village with a large Roma camp.

A party member of Golden Dawn has issued an invitation through local media for “men aged 15 to 70 to be alert and join forces” in the village of Oichalia, Messinia, Ekathimerini reported. The ex-police officer is potentially recruiting men to form a security brigade.

The choice of Oichalia is significant as the village has a large Roma camp whose inhabitants are responsible for a crime surge in the area. Digital Journal spoke to a local Greek businessman who had information from the police in the area pertaining to Roma crime, and the reasons why police action is futile.

Homes and land in the area are frequently robbed, and cars stolen to be sold on as scrap metal. Petty crime is rife, along with begging and harassment. However, any attempt to arrest Roma perpetrators are thwarted by the mass arrival of armed Roma at the scene. Up to 100 armed gypsies arrive at the scene if police, who have limited man-power, attempt to make an arrest, outnumbering police and outranking them in fire power.

The village of Oichalia is close to Meligalas, a town of considerable historical significance. During World War 11 Greek communists massacred 1,400 civilians. Each year members of Golden Dawn make an annual pilgrimage to the well of Meligala (To πιγαδα tou Μελιγαλάς) to pay tribute to those executed in themassacre. Now there is a sense the area is being desecrated by foreign Roma who have no respect for Greek culture and traditions. Local residents, constant victims of Roma crime, are powerless to protect themselves, hence the call for Golden Dawn to provide some kind of security.

Ekathimerini reported Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias ordered a Roma camp in western Athens to be cleared following a fire caused by gypsies burning electrical cables. Locals had protested that the burning of cables, which is a constant feature in the camp, produces toxic fumes. Dendias has set in motion an operation to deport the approximately 400 Albanian Roma who were in Greece illegally. Following a police operation to clear the camp, sanitation squads were sent in.

In June Digital Journal reported that an armed Roma mob attacked a public bus near their camp in Athens, injuring six policemen in the ensuing violence. Meanwhile Xprshavgh reports two physical attacks in the pursuit of robbery against Greek citizens in Patra by Roma. Alarmingly, a Norweigan tourist was also attacked and robbed by five gypsies.




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