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After The Australian, further sources are reacting against the “Golden Dawn” Party’s Local Chapter in Australia September 7, 2012

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Following a previous article in The Australian, new statements are furtherly reacting against thoughts of launching a local branch of the extreme right-wing “Golden Dawn” party.

The Greek newspaper New World heading in Australia has come to add previous statements of The Australian against “Golden Dawn’s” local branch; “these ideas have no place in Melbourne. Say no to Nazis”, the newspaper has written, while the editor in chief Mr. Kostas Nikolopoulos stated; “This local chapter is a small group of people living in the margins who are trying to benumb the local Greek community. We are not going to let them move further with their plans”.

What is more, the Minister of Multicultural affairs in Victoria Mr. Nick Kotsiras underlined that “this local branch is consisted of misinformed and ignorant people. The Australian community is not tolerant to racism and the Greeks living in Victoria know that “Golden Dawn’s” views are abominable.”

Also, Jeremy Jones, head of the Austral-Israeli and Jewish Affairs Committee stated that “these people are targeting on the creation of a core outside the Greek territories, in Melbourne. This is repulsive.”

Furthermore, Nick Kotsiras in a previous edition of the New World newspaper has denounced the policy of racism that “Golden Dawn” promotes as well as the party’s denial of the Jewish holocaust. “Opinions such as those that “Golden Dawn” promotes do not belong to the city of Victoria. Such views are not only are insulting the citizens of Victoria but all the Greeks that fought against the Nazis in the WWII”.

Finally, the MPs in Victoria John Pandazopoulos stated; “the Greeks have long been pioneers in multicultural affairs and this reality should not be undermined by people who wish to promote their racist views. Extreme parties such as “Golden Dawn” that promote Nazism do not belong in the Greek Community of Australia”.



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