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There is anything in Bulgaria, but Bulgarians September 7, 2012

Posted by Yilan in Bulgaria, Human rights abuses.
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 “There is anything in Bulgaria, but Bulgarians. In Bulgaria there is no Macedonian minority, because Macedonians are a majority,” reads an article of the chairman of the non-governmental organization World Macedonian Congress Todor Petkov, the Macedonian newspaper Vecer writes.

“In Bulgaria only Gypsies and Turks are not Macedonians! The question is not whether the Macedonians in Macedonia are Bulgarians, but whether there are Bulgarians in Bulgaria without Macedonian roots,” reads the article.
According to the newspaper this was a response to Bulgarian MEP Andrey Kovachev, who said there were no Macedonians in Bulgaria.
“Bulgaria is like Yugoslavia. If you divide it into Macedonia, Moesia and Thrace – there is no Bulgaria. Nothing remains from Bulgaria. Sofia’s problem is not Macedonians, but the processes of emigration – Roma and Turks become a majority. That’s why Sofia needs Macedonians and Macedonia to maintain an ethnic balance in the time and space,” writes Petrov.
According to him when Bulgaria joined the EU, about 2 million Bulgarians left the country, mostly young and educated people, and the epilogue was “a nation that ages catastrophically fast.”


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